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The StarTer is a unique, high-output screening bucket that combines market-leading features

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The StarTer screening buckets use the same hydraulic and transmission system as the well proven Rotastar buckets but do not share the additional features. This design makes it possible to supply a strong but light weight, affordable and quality screening bucket.
The StarTer has loader ready pick up points which make loader brackets simple to design and manufacture.
Top combs supplied with the StarTer buckets enable control of fraction size. Additionally, 15 and 10mm fraction size reduction kits are available along with spacer kits to increase fraction size up to 40mm.
The StarTer can also be easily fitted with a bagging attachment.

The impressive performance of the StarTer comes from:

Material is constantly rotated, without any chopping or pinching, making screening of damp, fragile and special materials possible. Suitable for top soil, waste, turf, roots, gypsum, knotweed and many other applications.
With different star and collar options it is possible to reduce fine fraction size from the standard 20mm to 15 or 10mm. The innovative Lloyd split-collar enables the user to set the bucket to 15 or 10mm without removing the shafts. The collars can also be removed quickly, returning to standard set up.
Lightweight, hard-wearing, flexible, self-cleaning polyurethane stars. This means no pinch or crushing areas, resulting in low power requirement and no contamination from crushed material. The flexible stars have a repelling finger profile, gentle on fragile material such as roots, vegetation and turf.
Top and bottom combs are available. Filling the gap between the apron, top scraper and star, they are normally used in combination with fraction size reduction kits. Manufactured from polyurethane to minimise adjacent star wear.
Heavy duty chain drive powered by hydraulics is rugged and reliable. Simplicity is key, standard parts, easy maintenance and quick shaft removal.
To create a larger fraction size, spacers can be fitted between each star. Bark and compost are two popular applications for spacers. Additional shafts can be supplied with a specific set up, and quickly fitted to any bucket.
The well protected, simple, sealed guard design, primarily on one side, offers easy inspection and fast maintenance of shafts and transmission.
All fabricated parts are shot blast and receive 4 coats of 2 pack paint. This provides good longevity and presentation.
Due to the light weight of the polyurethane stars, it has been possible to create a massive screening area when compared to bucket weight. High output, combined with efficiency and product
The polyurethane stars ensure quiet running when compared to static and steel disc machines. A big benefit on sensitive sites.
Easy maintenance. The complete design allows for easy shaft removal. The polyurethane stars are an inexpensive, easily replaceable, part that reduces down time. Bearings are sited away from contamination and easy to grease.
Rugged construction, using the best design and materials for long life and reliability. High percentage of robot welding used for efficiency and quality
The shafts operate in one direction only and require a standard one-way hammer circuit. This also eliminates the need for a drain line.
14 Years
The poly star screening bucket was invented by Lloyd Engineering founder Matt Lloyd over 14 yrs ago (2008). The design has been improved and developed over the years, resulting in a full range of excavator and loader mounted screening attachments.
There are loader bracket options. The loader bracket has a quick hitch design, so that the bucket can also be used on an excavator without the additional weight of the loader bracket.
We can supply a wide range of hitches to suit excavators, Lehnhoff, Verachtert, S series etc
Flexible self cleaning stars are ideal for working with wet, sticky material extending the screening weather window when compared to trommel and deck screens.
M Lloyd Engineering - Stars square image
M Lloyd Engineering - Stars square image
M Lloyd Engineering - Stars square image
M Lloyd Engineering - Stars square image

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